Garton on the Wolds Village Website


The Garton on the Wolds Conservation Area was designated by East Yorkshire Borough Counci in 1994 and was appraised in 2009.

Within the Conservation Area there are some 130 houses and 16 listed  buildings.

The Conservation Area Appraisal document identifies the special architectural and historic interest of the character and appearance of Garton on the Wolds. To view the complete document click onto the following link:

      Conservation Area Appraisal Document


Garton on the Wolds Special Interest 

(extract from the 2009 Appraisal Document) :

"Garton is an important agricultural village with historic roots. The village has an impressive Norman Church, which is possibly one of the finest village churches in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Garton's farmsteads and landscape are historically important, as the land around Garton has been cultivated since the Norman Conquest in 1066.

The parish was also the place where, in 1642, the first British diaries were written which chronicled current agricultural practises.

Due to the rich history of agriculture in Garton, the village boasts many historical farmsteads and agricultural workers dwellings. These were built in different periods over the centuries, giving Garton a rich diversity of architecture.

The topography of the Yorkshire Wolds is important to the character of Garton, as the layout of the roads and dwellings has been dictated by the undulating landscape."